Hardingstone CC Committee

The Hardingstone Cricket Club committee consists of the following motley crew officials:


Dave Miller:
Contact details: Tel – 07802592596; email – david.miller@broadspiretpa.co.uk
Mr Hardingstone Cricket Club, Dave is famous for his long speeches and longer emails, encyclopaedic (geek) cricket knowledge and ‘filthy’ bowling.
He was the club’s first ever player of the year and has previously (unofficially) held the roles of chairman, vice chairman, secretary, treasurer, toilet attendant, general dogsbody and fixture secretary. Doesn’t like it when the sun is at its zenith.


Alan Edge
Former 1st XI captain, famed for his tours of his former Herefordshire home, including his past cricket clubs and drinking haunts, his old houses, his childhood memories and Will Sparrow’s uncle.
Became the club’s first President after retiring at the end of the 2015 season.

Vice chairman:

Simon Chapman:
Contact details: email – simon.chapman50@hotmail.co.uk
Chappers is also the chairman of the club’s Social Committee and Quiz Master General.
Despite generally carrying an injury he has racked up a large number of runs and wickets for the club – including being one half of the world’s slowest ever match winning partnership at Long Buckby in conjunction with James ‘Buttons’ Hall.

Club captain:

Jonny Grove
Three years in the captain’s job, three championships, one new liver required.
In his first season in the top job, Jonny led HCC 1sts to the Division 11 title as part of an incredible year in which his side won all 18 games they played.

Second team captain:

Bob Anderson
What can be said about Dirty Bob? Nothing on a family friendly website, that’s what.
Takes over the skippers role for the first time in 2018 after several successful seasons from Craig ‘Crackers’ Johnson.


James Jones
Contact details: email – jwjonah@tiscali.co.uk
Jonah is a club stalwart who can be found at the heart of any game (except that one where he kept getting lost in the field… and that one where he didn’t turn up), practice session or fundraiser involving HCC.
And generally in the heart of The Sun.

Members without portfolio:

Alan Barnes
Billy Barnes is another club stalwart and long term player, who scored the club’s first ever league half century.
A member of the Social Committee, he won catch of the season in 2011.

Ben Mellor
Short in stature but high in quality, Frodo is one of the club’s all-time leading wicket takers. His performances on the pitch are matched only by his appealing dress sense off it.

Phil Monkman
Monkey is the newest member of the committee and will generally be spending future weeks and months chasing HCC membership – ie… the hardest job in cricket.

Craig Lewis
Communications type, who returns to the committee after a skive rest. Has no choice to serve due to close proximity to meetings. Responsible for this gubbins.

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